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App NameLucky Patcher MOD APK
Last version9.6.9
Size10 MB
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+

One of the most common reasons many people are looking for an Android phone instead of an iOS phone is because they have complete freedom to do whatever they want with their devices. That said, if you are a regular user, the massive security and useful features can help you enjoy your phone like anyone else.

On the other hand, for savvy users who know the full potential of their devices, you can also take advantage of the root capabilities on your Android devices. With permission outside the root box, you can perform many high-level tasks that were previously unavailable. That said, Lucky Patcher will help you with that.

Interested We will know more about the great Lucky Patcher app in our reviews.

What does it do?

For most Android users, annoying ads and in-app purchases are probably the least you can get with mobile software. However, there are not many ways to do this other than purchasing an app or paying a single amount for individual purchases. That said, it can be difficult to use some apps that contain ads for all of these reasons. But what if we say that Android users have a way to remove all the annoying ads in their apps and games?

That is, there is a way for Android users to bypass the system and ignore advertising algorithms in certain applications. And this is for using a great app called Lucky Patcher. This allows you to easily remove ads from certain apps and get rid of annoying in-app purchases. Therefore, have full control over your specific app and enjoy it without paying as much as possible.


As you guessed, your device must be fully rooted to install the app. You will also need SuperSU or another similar application to allow Lucky Patcher to access your system and program files. No doubt it can make effective changes to the files. After that, you will enjoy the great features of the app and use your phone as before.

Great Features Of Lucky Patcher:

Here you will find all the exciting features the app offers:

Remove annoying ads from your devices

To start, for those of you who suffer from annoying ads on our mobile apps, you need to root your device and prepare this app on your system. That said, it will help you stay away from all the annoying and annoying ads while using your phone. Never face it while playing games or using your favorite app.

Lucky Patcher will make some changes to the authorities provided in the app. Contains ads from Google and other sources. This makes it impossible for your Android device to upload or submit ads. Therefore, you will have a more pleasant overall phone experience.

Collect in-app purchases without paying


For those whose application experiences are limited by the necessary purchase, complete removal or security separately with Lucky Patcher. That said, with root access and great options offered by the app, you can easily purchase the items you have in the game without having to pay anything. This will help you enjoy offline games and apps as much as possible. However, for online games, this feature leaves a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to interacting with sophisticated servers.

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